what we do

Burchette & Associates, Inc. is a strategic marketing and business consulting firm that specializes in strategic initiatives involving a broad scope of issues, multiple work teams and complex issues in marketing, branding, advertising, market research, recruiting, sales, product management, and business projects in both corporate settings and private practice.

Emmy Lou Burchette, the firm’s president and CEO, founded Burchette & Associates in 2001 to address the need for businesses to bridge the gap between market research and strategy development, and between strategic positioning and effective execution of brand and marketing initiatives. Burchette is known for her ability to think strategically and execute tactically, translating broad issues into specific action-oriented steps, and ensuring that short-term project activities support long-term goals.

Burchette brings experience leading initiatives in corporate settings, educational institutions, and in non-profit organizations, including a variety of strategic economic development and regional and community initiatives. Her knowledge of the unique challenges and perspectives of public and private institutions and their leaders and staffs allows her to help guide teams in developing effective strategies and solutions, and to facilitate processes to ensure that project activities stay true to the overall project goals.